Circle Suppers are on the fifth Saturday of the year so it is not the same weekend as Pot Luck. Through the year we will put out sign-up sheets a month before in the church.  As Host or as Guest - it is very important that you give us your phone number so we can notify you.
      If you would like to host a dinner, please sign on the Host side of the sheet. Also, pick which day you would like to have your Circle Supper and how
many guests you are able to seat comfortably. We are trying something new this year.  THE HOST ONLY NEEDS TO SUPPLY THE BEVERAGE and decides the theme of the meal. If you want to supply the main dish, that's okay too, but not required. Hosting is a big job, so let your guests bring the food!   When the sign-up period is over, you will be given the list of people coming to your house. It is your job to notify each one of them to tell which night you have selected and to assign them a dish to bring.  Make sure everyone has directions to your house and knows when the dinner will begin.
     If you would rather be a guest, sign on the guest side of the paper with your name, email and phone number.  You will not be able to choose which
host you would like to have dinner with.  We try to match you with a host you may not know as well.   The object of Circle Supper is fellowship.  

   Most of us know each other pretty well, but don't be surprised if you find yourself with different people each time! We will make every effort to vary your experience, so, don't be afraid to sign up each month.    

And, most of all, have fun.   We are a friendly bunch of individuals!  

If you have questions, please contact  Judy Ashcraft.

 Time and Talent Service for

UU Church of the Hill Country

      Every member is an important part of the larger congregation; each of us, contributing, creates a vibrant, powerful whole. 

Here are some ideas about how you can help:

*SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT  -   Join the Spiritual Development Committee as a Service Associate, Be a Greeter at Service, Provide music for services,  Read a Sermon, Provide decoration for the Chalice table, Provide after service snacks,  Help with child care, Teach Sunday School,  Be a helper in Sunday School,  Join the Youth Religious Education group,  Join the Adult Religious Education group

*SOCIAL LIFE -  Join the Activities & Events Committee,   Join the  Men's Fellowship lunch group,  Be a Host or guest for Circle Supper, Come to Saturday Movie Night, come to other activities (see calendar), be an Events Photographer 

*HIDDEN TALENTS : There are times when we need someone to do “one shot” projects, or performing a brief consistent “duty”. Painting, using a hammer or saw, gardening, fundraising, finance knowledge. All skills are needed and appreciated.

**** Please, use the form below to contact the Membership Committee about your interests and they will contact the appropriate Chairperson for you.

We look forward to getting to know you. 


$220 - April's 5th Sunday Donate the Plate.  Karen Burkett -Justice & Outreach Chair, Philip Stacy -Exec. Director, Judy Ascraft - UUCHC Representative to Habitat for Humanity          5/24/2017


    Unitarian Universalist Church of the Hill Country donates toward training dogs as Service companions for  disabled Veterans.

    Picture taken at the new location of Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas Training Center.

    In the picture - left to right - Rick Trzcinski and his buddy Randy, and U.U.C.H.C. Past-President Bob Lentner for more information on this project go to or click 

Previous Part-time Minister - Rev. Mark Skrabacz (center), Previous Chairperson - Marylu Barnikow (right) and C.A.M. Director receiving donation check


All Are Welcome.  Love Is Inclusive, Not Exclusive.


Sunday Service - 10 am    960 Barnett, Kerrville, TX        830-792-3626




   There is always room on our hard working committees.

            Most meetings are in the Palmer Annex at 964 Barnett unless otherwise listed.      

            Contact the Chairperson or check the Calendar page or Newsletter for meeting times as they sometimes change.,

            For security and privacy we will not print any phone numbers or emails on our web site unless Chairs requests.   

            The contact information is in the UUCHC directory available to all at the church entry table.  

             If you have not  picked up a copy, please do.   It will help you in contacting the right person.

  • Activities & Events  -   Judy Ashcraft  -     Meets LAST Thursday every month at 3 pm  - 1204 Sidney Baker South

              Includes Congregational Social Activities and Events, such as: Pot-Luck Sunday,  Men's Friday Lunch, House

             Concerts, Saturday Night at 964 Barnett, Holiday Party, Thanksgiving, Interior Décor, General Supplies,

             Picnics, Circle Suppers, Building Scheduling, Calendar, and More.    

  • Budget, Finance, Operations, and Planning -   Andy Pesez

              Includes Fundraising, Treasury, Insurance, Buildings & Grounds, and More.

  • Communication Services  -  Pending Chair             Send announcements to:

              Includes Newsletter & Weekly Reminder-Susan Lipp, Order of Service-Kevin Hartley, Website & Facebook -  Amanda

             Biemer, Building Schedule - Judy Ashcraft, and more.

  • Justice & Outreach -  Pending Chair

              Includes Community Outreach, TXUUJM, IMPACT, C.A.M. Sunday (collection), Little Free Library and More.

  • Spiritual Development -  Vicki Luther

              Includes Scheduling Sunday Speakers, Religious Education, Service Associates, Music,

             Morning Coffee Service, Chalice Table, and More.​

  • ​Membership -   Gary Payne

​​              Includes Sunday Greeters, Maintaining and updating address lists, recruiting of new members.