Sunday Service - 10 am    960 Barnett, Kerrville, TX        830-792-3626

All Are Welcome.  Love Is Inclusive, Not Exclusive.

1.  When is your church service?

                  Our church service is on Sunday at 10 am, usually ending by 11 am.  Christmas usually has an evening service the Sunday before Christmas day.   Our address is 960 Barnett St, Kerrville, Texas 78028.   Our phone number is (830) 792-3626.

2. What does your church believe?   

​                      Our church has no creed. We have seven principles which are enumerated on this web site. We have members and friends who have Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, Atheist and Agnostic backgrounds who feel at home in our church

3. What is the proper dress for a Sunday Service?  

                    You will find casual and dressy casual in our church service. We believe in enjoying your presence, not imposing a dress code.

4. What happens when I come in the front door?  

                       We have two buildings; the one pictured on our Home page is our sanctuary.  You will immediately enter the sanctuary, be greeted and welcomed, asked about how you heard about us, and be given an Order of Service.  Please stay for coffee and refreshments after the service so we can get to know one another.

5. What are your services like?   

                      We have music, announcements, readings and a sermon just like other churches.  Since our Minister is part-time, she usually preaches two Sundays a month.  Other speakers are guest ministers, professionals in the community, and some lay-led services, and cover a broad range of topics.

6. Am I welcome if I am part of the LGBTQ community?   

                We believe in equal human rights for all, and you are welcome in our community. We are also supporters of our local PFLAG organization.

7. I have had a crisis of faith. Am I welcome when I am having doubts?  

                Yes. You are welcome wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

8. Will I be contacted to come back after I have visited?  

                    We will ask you to sign our guest register so you may receive our Newsletter for three months.  We will not call on you in your home or make repeated attempts to obtain your membership in our church.

9. If I want to become a member, what is required?  

                      We ask that you attend a new member orientation and sign a membership book when you are ready to become a member.  You will be asked to consider a pledge and/or donation based on your capabilities, and read the bylaws and operational directives of our church.

10. Does your church have a governing body?   

                We are associated with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA); however, each of our churches is autonomous. We operate with democratic principles, establishing our own bylaws and operational directives.

11. Do you have Deacons?  

                No, we do not. We elect a Board of Directors who serve as governing leaders in our church for specific periods of time.

12. Do you have a Children’s Religious Education program?  

               We have a small group of young regularly attending children now. We have curriculums we are prepared to teach should we have older regularly attending children. We can provide child care and activities for any children who visit; however, to assure an optimum experience, we ask that you notify our Director of Religious Education for Children, Judy Ashcraft, prior to attending if possible. (830-896-8319).