​​***5th Saturday - Circle Suppers - Sign up in the church - Various locations - Various Hosts - Covered dish style meal - We are a friendly bunch.

   *** 3rd Sunday - Pot Luck - Everyone is welcome to lunch after Sunday Service - Bring a dish to share if you like - Get to know everyone.  In the Palmer Annex - 964 Barnett St.   

​  *** 4th Saturday -  March through October
6:30 PM (doors open 6:00 pm)
Join us, the 4th Saturday, from March to October. Come for a fun time together Playing Games or Watching Movies. Each game night could include board games, card games, & dominos. Each movie night includes a prelude, refreshments, & a movie. Bring your favorite beverage (share if you like) and a snack (share if you like). Popcorn will be provided. Be prepared for lots of companionship, laughter and fun. The chairs are hard; bring a cushion if you want. Everyone is welcome. Just come and have fun.   


Ministers' Office, Sunday School, Social Activities, & meetings are held next door to the Church in the Palmer Annex -
 964 Barnett
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​     UUCHC BOARD MEETING - 2nd Wednesday each month -  6:30 pm - Palmer Annex -   All are welcome to sit in and listen.     If you would like to speak to the Board there is a time set aside in the meeting for visitors to speak.

      Men's Fellowship - 1st & 3rd Friday 11:30 am - Palmer Annex - UU Men gather together for fellowship, problem solving,  and general discussion.  Come take a lunch break with friends.   Bring your own lunch and drink. 

      Women's Connection - 'Girl's Night Out"  Ladies meet at the restaurant of the day at 5:30 pm and have a great meal and conversation. Dutch treat of course. 
Restaurants will be chosen 2 per month by the attendees and will be announced in church notices and on the church calendar. There are more than 40 restaurants just in Kerrville to choose from.
Let the men take care of the children and 4 legged ‘kids’ and come step out with the girls for girl talk. 
For more information contact Judy Ashcraft (830) 896-8319 or whodit@hotmail.com.

      Circle Suppers:  5th Saturday   -  The object of Circle Suppers is fellowship, FUN and getting to know one other!  Those wishing to HOST a dinner, indicate this on the "Host" side of the "Circle Supper" form and how many guests they can seat comfortably. The host only needs to supply the beverage, but may supply other foods if desired. When the sign-up period is over, the host is given the list of guests.  The host notifies each guest, informing them of the date/time, assigning them a dish to bring and providing directions to where the supper will be served.  Those preferring to be GUESTS, sign under the "Guest" side of the "Circle Supper" sheet.  Guests cannot choose hosts.

​​Making Lunch for the Crew  3rd Thursday of each month Through June, 11:30am  UUCHC is presently the only church in Kerrville providing lunch once a month for the work crew at Habitat for Humanity! On the third Thursday of each month lunch in the form of sandwiches or a hot main dish, salad, bread or chips and a dessert is brought to the Habitat for Humanity office, 129 Rankin Nix, between Singing Wind Drive and Legion Drive in Kerrville where the work crew take their lunch break. Volunteers may stay and enjoy lunch and conversation with the crew and staff or just set it up in the kitchen and return around one o’clock to pick up dishes and/or leftovers. There is a sign-up sheet on the table at the back of the Sanctuary where volunteers may indicate what they would like to provide.  Program contacts:  Judy Ashcraft 210.326-0084  

​​​​​Group Meetings

Some of Our Speakers from the Past



Activities of Special Interest​


AprilApril 28 – Jeannette Cockcroft,  Schreiner University Professor and valuable friend to our congregation presents “Real Simplicity” by Rufus Jones


Special Sunday Services

All Are Welcome.  Love Is Inclusive, Not Exclusive.

​​*T-Shirt Sunday - Wear your favorite T-shirt and tell us why i​t is your favorite. (or just bring it to show)

*Animal Blessing - Usually Early Fall -  Outdoor Service - Pets are welcomed to the Church for this special service   

*Water Service - September 24 -   Travelers bring small amounts of water from their travels to add to our bowl to show that the world is a connected place and all are alike in its need. 

*Christmas Service - Closest Sunday before 25th - 

*​New Years Renewal - Closest Sunday of January 1


Sunday Service - 10 am    960 Barnett, Kerrville, TX        830-792-3626

     A & E Committee is putting together a recipe book from members and friends of UUCHC called “OUR CHILDHOOD RECIPES”
     We want the recipes from your childhood that have wonderful memories attached when you make it or think of someone making it for you; foods your Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles made that was special to them, that no one else could make as good.
     You may submit more than one, but, please on separate sheets.   You may also submit a short story of the memory or an anecdote associated with the recipe.  Recipes and stories must be typewritten and turned in    to Judy Ashcraft or Selma Gibson by Sunday, April 28th or emailed to whodit@hotmail.com by April 30th.
     Books are expected to be printed and available for pickup by Sunday, May 14th or May 21st.  There may be a small cost for printing (it depends on the number of pages).


All meetings are open meetings unles specified.  All are welcome to visit and sit in on open meetings.